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Mutterings on Motherhood
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Hi, and welcome to my Moms Page. I want to take the time to thank those behind ivillage and, specifically, ParentsPlace, both of which are a great resource for families. I have met so many great people online, especially through the ParentsPlace bulletin boards. I am a "graduate" of the Pregnancy After a Loss board and the Bottlefeeding board.

During my pregnancies, it was pretty easy going physically (no morning sickness, yeah!), but was quite the opposite emotionally! When I was pregnant with Ryan, it was a pregnancy following a miscarriage, so I was worried enough before the added pregnancy complications of gestational diabetes and PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.) The women I met on the ParentsPlace boards were so supportive and encouraging; it was great to connect with other women that were worrying about the same things, and share hopes, fears, experiences, etc.

After having Ryan and beginning to follow the Bottlefeeding board shortly thereafter, I was lucky enough to "meet" another woman who'd had a son born the exact same day as Ryan! Needless to say, we were anxious to compare notes on our little guys. We were happy to discover we had a lot of other things in common, too, and quickly became friends through our constant email exchanges. I am so glad we met them.

I have made quite a few on-line friends, and now that I have been a parent for a few years, I spend more time on the ParentsPlace and ivillage bulletin boards related to my own personal interests, like cooking and baking.

I hope you'll stop by this page again, because I hope to add some new stuff just for and/or about moms. Thanks for stopping by!

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