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Brown Book, Turning

Last Updated August, 2002

Here is where you'll find recommendations and info on books on recent/current reading material.

I have been re-reading some of Kay Hooper's novels and I also recently read her latest paperback, "Whisper of Evil" (the second in a trilogy; "Touching Evil" is available in paperback and the third in the series will be out in hardcover in October 2002.)

I have also been reading Dee Henderson's O'Malley series the past year. These books have me hooked! Henderson writes very well and her characters are so well-developed. The series revolves around a family of adult siblings that "adopted" each other and formed their own family after meeting in an orphanage. Each book in the series ("The Healer" was Book 5, the last edition to date) focuses on a sibling and the life changes they go through as they form a romantic relationship with someone, all the while experiencing personal tragedies and setbacks, and while struggling to come to terms with how they feel about God. These books are generally categorized as religious fiction; however, even though I'd never read an inspirational/religious romance before, I find them to be quite absorbing! I devour these books!

I have also been reading the Left Behind series; I breeze through these books so fast, then wait 6 months or so for the next installment to come out! Again, I consider myself to be pretty casual about religion; I am a Christian but I do not attend a church or other religious services. Even though my "interest" in religion is pretty subdues, I love these books. I very much enjoy book series in which the characters really develop well over time; they become almost like friends.

I have also been reading some parenting books. Check back for updates next month.

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